"Always Clean" Waxed Chain Subscription
"Always Clean" Waxed Chain Subscription

"Always Clean" Waxed Chain Subscription


Join the VeloConcepts Chain Program and never have a dirty chain again.  With our Waxed Chain Subscription you receive a freshly cleaned and waxed chain every 6 weeks. 

Here's how it works:

  • Every 6 weeks we send you a freshly cleaned and waxed chain.  Once you receive your cleaned/waxed chain you send back your used/dirty chain* for cleaning & waxing and we take care of the servicing and have it ready to ship out on your next exchange.
  • For this program we use one of the best shifting chains on the market, the Shimano HG901 (XTR/Dura Ace) chain with Quick Link.
  • At the start of the program you will also receive one bottle of Silca's Super Secret Chain lube.  This is the only lube you can use for intermediate re-lubing, (we recommend once every 2-3 weeks)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Terms & Conditions

The VeloConcepts chain program is a subscription-based model, and requires our customers to send back the used chain within 5 days of receipt of the replacement chain (return label provided).

  • Excessively dirty or damaged chains are subject to a $75 cleaning/replacement fee. In the event we are unable to charge your card for the replacement fee, your program will be suspended until payment is secured.
  • Chains must only be maintained with Silca's Super Secret Chain Lube (supplied).  Any chain that is returned with other lube will be subject to a $75 cleaning/replacement fee.
  • Your initial chain will be brand new, cleaned and waxed. However, replacements will be cleaned and fresh waxed used chains, with no more that 70% wear.